The Making of Caucasus Knits

Kabardino- Balkaria is a small and remote republic in the Russian North Caucasus.  Mount Elbrus rises to Europe's highest elevation near Nalchik, where the markets sell socks made in nearby the villages and mountain farmsteads.

The sheep that produce the wool used in our products are shorn by hand and the wool is then spun into yarn using the simple techniques shown in our photos and videos.  Then the yarn is either knit by hand or by loom into the high-quality, long-lasting, warm socks, slippers, mittens and dzhurabi that you see on this site.  In particular, the colorful dzhurabi designs have been known in the region for several centuries.

We buy our products directly from local producers and the markets in Kabardino- Balkaria.  By buying from Caucasus Mountain Knits, you are helping to support the economy in an impoverished region with little industry or employment.  Also, the methods used in producing the wool are humane and natural. 

Take a look at the photos and videos to see how the socks and other products are made and for a look at Kabardino- Balkaria's wild beauty.  Then, please chose something from our catalog for yourself or as a gift and pass the link along!



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